Basic Cheese--Raw and Vegan Cheese, Great By Itself or with Herbs

If you're looking for a delicious basic cheese that is raw and vegan, this is it.

It's absolutely delicious by itself, a little like a mozzarella or a cream cheese, and can become the foundation for so many other cheeses with the addition of various ingredients (think: garlic, onion, herbs, wasabi, cinnamon and sugar).

It takes a few days to make it, but most of the work is not labor intensive and does not require your attention.

The majority of the work (and time) comes from making the Rejuvelac. After the Rejuvelac is made, you are ready to make cheese! Google-200x200-LowerRight

Simple Cheese Recipe


Yield: about 3 cups of basic cheese

You will need:

• 4 cups raw nuts (macadamia, cashew, hazelnuts or walnuts)

• Vitamix

• Cheese cloth or nut milk bag

• 2 cups Rejuvelac


1. Blend 2 cups Rejuvelac and nuts in Vitamix for 30 seconds, stopping for 30 seconds, and then blending again or 30 seconds.

Stopping and starting the machine keeps the cheese from heating up too much and injuring the enzymes.

Continue blending like this until the mixture becomes extremely smooth and creamy. If it's too thick, add Rejuvelac as needed to keep the mixture moving.

2. Pour the cheese into a colander lined with cheesecloth or a nutmilk bag. Cover the cheese with the excess cloth and weight down. (Lidded Mason jars filled with water work well).

Allow cheese to sit overnight at room temperature. Cheese will be ready the next day.

Place in clean, dry containers and freeze for up to 3 months or refrigerate for up to a week.

This cheese is now ready to have other ingredients and flavor combinations added to it.

The Sky's the limit!!

One final note: The first time I made this cheese, and every time since, I am reminded of cheesemakers around the world for centuries. There is something about the process of letting it rest, adding culture, straining off the whey, and waiting that feels almost primal….like it's something we humans have been doing for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

And, yes, the final product is definitely worth the wait.



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