Gluten Free Recipes to Keep You on Top

As I write this, It's July 2011. Do you know who just won Wimbledon?

Novak Djokovic.

Never heard of him?

He's the # 1 ranked tennis player in the world right now. He's from Serbia and born in 1987.

Other than his vital statistics, I don't know much else about him either, except, he's gluten free!

Since last year, he's sworn off all foods that contain gluten, and armed with his new gluten free recipes he's swapped his sloppy serving for precision aces over the likes of Roger Federer and, most recently, Rafael Nadal.

Wall Street Journal on Gluten Free Tennis And, now, for the first time ever, he's ranked #1.


A Growing Minority Report

An estimated 3/4 of one percent of people are truly gluten intolerant and would fit the criteria for celiac disease.

Far more, however, have what is deemed 'gluten-sensitivity', and are finding that with increased awareness, that they are also benefitting from minimizing or eliminating gluten from their diet. Some of these 'gluten-sensitive' types will also go on to becoming full-fledged celiacs, particularly when continuing to consume gluten.

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity, this is a great time to receive that diagnosis, as there is an ever-growing number of resources, supports, and most of all gluten free foods, gluten free products and gluten free recipes available.

Some with gluten sensitivity also find that it is somewhat easier for them to digest gluten-containing foods in their sprouted form. If this is true in your situation, try some of these delicious sprouted recipes.

The Girl With Colitis Goes By

This is the oft mis-interpreted lyric of the Beatles' Song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds line "The girl with Kaleidoscope eyes".

Thankfully, with the advent of foods that are gluten free and gluten free recipes to help keep your gluten-sensitive family members healthy, their bloating, and abdominal distress won't be obvious to passers-by.

In our family, we have several family members with Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, and gluten sensitivity diagnosed in the last few years.

At first, it was difficult to accommodate, but over the years, finding new gluten free recipes has become much easier, and we've developed some that have now become 'family favorites'.

And, even those without gluten sensitivity are easily able to digest these delicious foods, so it's an all around win-win.

Here are some delicious home-cooked ideas for my gluten free cornbread recipe, gluten free cornbread recipe gluten free cookie recipes, and gluten free cake recipes.
If you're looking for confidence in choosing foods that are gluten free, here's a list of foods that contain gluten, and here are some gluten free brands that assure that they carry gluten free products.

Where do you find these foods? Here is a list of

gluten free stores. Know someone who is multi-sensitive?

Here are some delicious dairy and gluten free recipes for those who might choose a gluten free vegan lifestyle.

Whatever the case, your next family gathering no longer has to be the domain of the 'health food', but now everyone can enjoy delicious, nourishing, and 'over-the-top' goodness to keep you on top of your game!

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