Vita Mix - What Can I Do With It?


So if you've landed on this page, you either have a Vita Mix, or you're thinking about getting one... either way, you are entering the world of professional chefs and my hands-down favorite kitchen tool.


If you are one of the lucky few who have received a Vita-Mix as a gift... from some well-meaning person... and you thought "Oh great, another kitchen what?"

Well, you might have gotten much luckier than you thought.

The Vita Mix truly may become your most used kitchen appliance. It has become mine.

And, it's only been recently that I've really started to use it to its more maximal capacity.

(Almost) Collecting Dust

Although I've been using a Vita-mix for the last decade, and on a pretty regular basis... daily for my smoothies... for a long time it just sat on my counter, as the world's most glorified blender.

And, man, is it a great blender for making smoothies... they actually live up to their name.

They are very smooth... as all of the fibers are broken down and predigested... just ready for maximum nutritional absorption.

However, like a talented artist or a fine athlete who is stuck in a waitressing job using few of their talents, the Vita mix should never be relegated only to smoothies.

If the machine had feelings, I think my Vita Mix has probably been crying for the last few years.


One day recently, however, I was dusting the So-Big-You-Should-Name-Them dust bunnies off of my cookbook collection, and I came across the Vita Mix cookbook that came with my machine.

I guess I had just never really looked at it very closely, but oh I wish I would have sooner.

It is absolutely filled, and a very nice stand up flip format (makes for easy reading in the kitchen) with delicious and healthy recipes.

In addition, it comes with a DVD, in which you get to see the Vita Mix in all of its many uses. I love that!

It finally introduced me to just all of the things that I can (and now do) do with my machine.

Here are some of them:

Vita-Mix Juicer

This is one of the really great aspects of the Vita Mix. You can use the it as a juicer with absolutely any fruit or vegetable. And, because you're consuming whole foods, instead of just the extracted juice, you get the benefit of all of the oh-s0-important dietary fiber to help keep you clean and prevent colon cancer.

If you prefer not to have all the fiber, you can easily extract the juice using a strainer or nut milk bag.

This is a great option, also if you like to have fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily. Because it uses the whole food, it prevents having to find uses for or dispose of the extra vegetable pulp when you're done, or the extravagant cleaning that often goes along with a juicer.


Vita Mix Blender:

Perhaps this is obvious, but the Vita mix is absolutely the best blender I've ever encountered. It's perfect for making all kinds of smoothies, salad dressings, sauces, purées, drinks... and everything else we commonly think of using a blender for.

However, it does it on warp speed... and at super-power.

This is what makes it incredible.

Everything from margaritas to crushed ice to baby food is simple in the Vita mix.

Making green smoothies that you (and your kids!) will actually drink…is possible in the Vitamix….and most kids (of any age) will eat anything with enough bananas in it! :)

Vita-Mix Nutter Butter:

Making your own organic, raw nut butter may not seem like a task you want to undertake initially. However, after looking at the prices in the grocery store for premade organic, raw nut butter... you may quickly learn that the Vita Mix pays for itself easily in this department.

Simply tossing in the nut of your choice, and turning on the Vita Mix, and under two minutes later you have fresh, organic, raw nut butter.

I love to do this with nuts that I have already soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated... as I noted then they are at their maximum live foods potential.

It's also great if you have an addiction to Nutella... the homemade version only has two ingredients (hazelnuts and chocolate chips)... and you can leave out that nasty Vanillin flavoring that you find in store-bought Nutella.

Vita-Mix Chopping:

Maybe this seems obvious, but the Vita-mix is good at chopping, but it really is. I had never really thought of using my blender as a chopping machine before.

I used to shop so many things by hand... and oh the repetitive stress injury of the wrist...

But, it's actually so simple with the Vita-Mix.

Surprisingly, all you have to do is take the plug out of the lid, turn the Vita mix on to variable speed three or four, and drop your food in accordingly.

This works particularly well with things like onions (no more tears!), peppers, cheese, nuts.

You can control how finely chopped you want something based on the time and speed.

It cuts my salad and dinner preparation time by a significant amount, and my wrist doesn't hurt!

I know a variety of people use their food processor for this, but with the Vita-mix, it's already out on my counter and the clean up is so much easier than the food processor.

And, if you don't have a food processor already, you may not need one if you get a Vita-Mix.

Incidentally, you can also grind and things like coffee beans... and since you control the outcome you can create anything from a grind appropriate for a drip coffee for the finest Turkish espresso.


Purée Party

If you are cooking for someone who has challenges with swallowing, be they a baby is just learning to explore new tastes and textures, or an older person or a stroke victim who needs a softer diet, the Vita-mix shines.

Purées are super simple in the Vita-mix.

Add the ingredients.

Turn it on.


No mashing, no need for a food mill, no trying to get the last few bits with a fork... none of that, it's super simple.

Grain Grinding


This is one of my newest finds for the Vita-mix and I love it.

If you are gluten-free, it goes without saying that when you're baking, it can be difficult to find gluten-free flour.

And, if you can find them it can be quite expensive.

Having the ability to grind your own grains at home, from the raw materials, can make it much cheaper.

It can, however seem a bit daunting if you have to buy a $500 grain mill.

The Vita-mix, eliminates that need.

In under two minutes, you can have beautiful, finely ground flour from any grain... gluten-free or otherwise.

I particularly love it, because I can soak, sprout, and dehydrated grains first... awakening their maximum nutritional potential, before making them into delicious baked goods.

And, it will even knead your bread for you, cutting the bread preparation time nearly in half!

One-Pot Cooking

This may be one of the best features of the Vita-mix as well. If you love quick, warm soup, that doesn't need to simmer for hours... this is a great way to get quick dinner recipes to the table.

Because the Vita mix creates heat as the blades spin, the excess heat can be used to heat your food.

This means that you can create delicious well cooked soups and sauces in under five minutes.

Just turn it on, and let it fly. When you're done all you have to do is wash one container... which actually washes itself... just add soap and water and turn it on for a minute.

How cool is that?!

Small Glimpse

This is just a small peek at ways that you can use your Vita-mix. If you have others, I would love to know what they are.

For me, it is by far my favorite appliance. I love that it can replace so many other appliances…

It can easily replace:

• coffee grinder

• food processor

• grain mill

• juicer

• nut/cheese chopper

• and prevent increased wear and tear to your pots and pans

Of course some may call the Vita-mix "just a blender"…

Not me.

It's my favorite tool.

May you enjoy yours as much as I do.

P.S. And...if you still don't have one, but would like can get FREE standard shipping by ordering through me...a US $25 value ($35 in Canada).

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